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Monday, August 07, 2006

And, so it begins.....

This is the end of our summer vacaton. It is not the end of summer.... In Phoenix, summer lasts til Halloween.

But, summer is officially over. We had our last Water world trip last week. The big kids are going back to school, the little kids are coming back to me. I am so excited! I miss those little guys! I didn't miss all their crap though... I have been digging the crap out all weekend. I have three high chairs, three pack n plays, DOZENS of sippy cups and lids... It is an endless supply of crap.

The grade schoolers have worn out their welcome. The older a kid gets, the less enjoyable they are. I love each one of them, but I am glad they will be back in school this time next week.


At 9:55 PM, Blogger Not HER Again said...

Our summer lasts until at least mid-October as well. Sucks. :( Sounds like you had a good summer send-off, though. Can you believe school is starting up right around the corner??? Now how the heck did THAT happen?


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