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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I shouldn't have enjoyed this.....

But, it kinda warmed my evil heart.

Last night, I went to ex day care boy's final Basketball game. It was kind of a play off of sorts. Basketball has actually been over for a while, but there was some reason for this game, and He really wanted us to go.

We went up in the stands. There were at least 100 people there. But, ONE small child was SOOOO obnoxious that no one could take their eyes off of him. He was at least six years old. He would NOT sit in the stands with his parents (who thought he was adorable..he was NOT adorable)

He insisted on standing under the basket at one end. He jumped, spun, twisted and yelled. The coach asked him to sit in the stands, the other coach asked him to sit in the stands. The parents tried to cajole him into sitting with them. A teacher TOLD him, using her teacher voice to MOVE away from there.

He "chose" not to sit in the stands. Instead, he just kept his spot below the basket.

On one of this child's many trips to see Mom and Dad (who were sitting behind us) I listened to him. He was very intellegent and articulate. So, this was not an issue of him not understanding. He had two missing teeth , so I guessed him to be about six-ish. The parents kept thinking he was so cute, and maybe they should sign him up for Basketball, since he seemed interested in it.

Finally Dad decided to stand near him under the basket. The coach asked him to sit in the stands, and please take his son. The boy again refused. Dad returned alone.

Dad no sooner sat down, when the coach's son decided try and beat the buzzer. He threw the ball from almost halfway across the court.

It missed the basket.....But it hit this kid square in the back with a loud "OOF" that could be heard throughout the entire gym. He was knocked hard to the wood floor with a slapping and squeaking sound as his little body slid across the shiny wood.

The ENTIRE gymnasium first gasped, then the giggling started, then the loud raucus laughter. Soon ALL of the jr high students and a few of the parents were actually clapping.I giggled..I tried to make sympathetic noises...but, I was truly pleased. The coach....instead of picking the kid up, turned to the parents, opened both arms wide, and looked at them like. "DUH!"

LOLThe boy is fine. Hopefully he learned a lesson.

Sometimes, I love karma.


At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Mikey said...

Was it wrong for me to laugh at this? No I think not. I figure I'm going to hell anyways so Might as well enjoy it.


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